Sir Lionel Luckhoo 
the worlds greatest attorney 
Says this message about Islam is, "The most important thing I have ever 
done in my entire life".

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Jesus is madly in love with you and there is nothing you can do about it!

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Sir Lionel Luckoo:  Inspirational booklets for you to read!What does the worlds all time greatest lawyer have to say about the Bible, Jesus Christ and faith... You have been chosen by the Creator of the universe to be His bride.  All of creation, every star in the sky, every raindrop, is for you.  Every problem and blessing in life is for your benefit.  It is all part of God's plan to prepare you to become His bride to co-reign with Christ.

Before the first missionaries arrived in Hawaii, God was preparing the Hawaiian people to receive them.  Prophecies from the Hawaiian priests foretold of their coming.  Incredible, timely events, that only the hand of the Creator could set into motion...

Read excerpts from the book Perpetuated in Righteousness by Daniel I. KikawaSpiritual History of Hawaii.  Excerpts from Perpetuated in Righteousness by Daniel I. Kikawa.

Father Damien
The Leper Priest



Mark Twain in Hawaii!!  
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